School of Schema Therapy are a group of four clinical and counselling psychologists providing an accreditation programme comprising workshops and supervision. We have extensive experience of working in the field of schema therapy both within the National Health Service (NHS) and private sector.  Our programme incorporates the expertise of leading research from the Netherlands, UK and the US to provide comprehensive and quality training.

We are keen to bring increasing recognition and status to schema therapy in the UK and more broadly, partly by promoting the accessible nature of schema therapy via recent movements in the research which indicate that this modality can be used in a transdiagnostic way.  In so doing, we aim to inspire good practice through promoting up-to-date knowledge of academic research in this field. Furthermore, we aim to encourage creativity in the expansion of schema therapy across multiple settings including academic, healthcare, forensic and corporate sectors.

As well as offering a range of trainings at fixed locations, School of Schema Therapy offer a mobile service where our trainers can come to your place of work or your locality. Please see our Mobile Workshops for further information. We also offer a bespoke schema therapy informed package for business.  Please see Schema Thinking for Business if you wish to learn more.